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Hammer Crusher

Knittel Hammer Crushers involve the use of impact rather than pressure to crush material. 

Hammer Crusher

Single Rotor – Hammer Crushers are used for crushing run-of-mine coal, stone, ore, cullet and other difficult materials. They reduce large-lump materials to 6 to 8 mm size in one operation. 

These can be furnished with or without a metal trap for the removal of tramp iron or un-crushable lumps.




Note: The capacity is calculated considering Coal as material with Density – 800 kg/m3, Input Size – @200 mm and Output Size – @8 mm

Model Rotor SizeMax Feed SizeMin. CapacityMax. Capacity Power
AEHC181818 X 18150 to 20057.510
AEHC241824 X 18150 to 2007.51015
AEHC242424 X 24150 to 200101525
AEHC302430 X 24150 to 200152030
AEHC303030 X 30150 to 200202540
AEHC363036 X 30150 to 200253050

AEGIS manufactures Knittel Hammer Crushers in 6 models. Right model can be chosen depending on the application and requirement.


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